Some great quotes in this video, if any of it resonates with you, I recommend looking into some of the people quoted. I have read some of the books and listened to their shows and interviews.

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This is all about what THRILLING HEROICS means, about how precious your life is, and how we should strive to live like heroes. In the words of Joe Rogan, “be the hero of your own movie”.

This inspirational video is dedicated to Chris Cravens and Kareem Khan, two heroes who will always be remembered for their courage, loyalty and big hearts.


Starcadian- Pompey Pirate

Hans Zimmer- Time (Karanda Remix)

M83- Outro

Beethoven’s Symphony 7, Allegretto, mvt 2

Buy Starcadian’s marvelous album Sunset Blood here:


Alan Watts “Money, Guilt, and The Machine”:

→ listen to more incredible Watts lectures here:

Tim Ferriss on technology and information addiction:

→ get his book The 4 Hour Workweek:

Rolf Potts on time as wealth and travel as a metaphor for life:

→ get Rolf’s inspiring book Vagabonding:

Joe Rogan on cubicle life:

→ listen to the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast here:

Duncan Trussell on depression & resistance:

Ashton Kutcher on creating your life:

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Standford University commencement address:

Les Brown on courage

watch his greatest speech ever here:

Will Smith on believing in yourself:

Terrence McKenna – life is an opportunity:

→ learn more about McKenna here:

Graham Hancock – 4 billion years in the making:

→ find out more about Graham & his latest book “War God”:

Randy Pausch’ Carnegie Mellon commencement speech:

→ see his “Last Lecture” here:

Maynard James Keenan (of Tool) reads a poem by Chief Tecumseh – live without fear and die like a hero:

→ more on this poem here:

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Many thanks to all the thinkers and artists mentioned above, and countless others who inspired this video. I highly encourage you to share this message and to seek out the original source materials for further learning.

Some video was shot during my travels over the last 6 years in Thailand, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Coachella…and other footage depicts New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Tokyo, Rome, Krabi, Bangkok, Paris, London, Bali, Medellin, Colorado, Bali, Chiang Mai, Angkor Wat, Utah, Lake Tahoe, Phuket, Oregon, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phangan…

This video also includes clips from the films Fight Club, The Beach, The Matrix, Office Space and The Tree of Life, as well as beautiful videography from:

Pedro Torres

BBC Planet Earth series

Tom Lowe

3rd Eye Enlightenment

Justin Majeczky


Gary Turk

Brian Camusat

Shiraz Higgins

Andrew Zenn


Sebastien St-Martin

Andrew Melikov

Alexandr Kravstov

David Manukyan

Chas Mackinnon

Tragedy and Hope:


Wissam Abdallah

David & Dan Newcomb

Andrea Nesbitt

Adam Shomsky

Marc Donahue

Grup Fort Studio

Vladimir Prokoshev

Christoph Malin

Saengthit Kamlangchai

Robert E


Josh Owens


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