You can read similar messages many times, and you feel you understand what they are saying, but you do not always find they resonate with you to the point of inspiring change in the way you live.

And then one day you read a persons view that inspires you to take action. Or perhaps life circumstances just happen to be right on day you read that same old message.

Today I will begin putting more conscious action into these steps.
7. Stop checking email in the morning.
6. Don’t compare your place in life to others.
5. Be grateful.
4. Go outside.
3. Give to someone else.
2. Write your thoughts down.
1. Give to yourself.

For anyone who reads the list and feels it gives the wrong message, please consider, that for people who are searching for or following a passion or trying to build something against the social norms one might live in, it may have a very inspiring effect. A step in this list was dragging me down. It was what I need to action to help me achieve more.

Medium is a great resource and also has a mobile app that is worth using.