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GoPro Founder Nicholas Woodman & Story

This interview with Nicholas is a great snapshot of where GoPro has come from, what drives them and their market position. I love what GoPro offers in terms of capturing your life, and you can see a number of my

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GoPro & Alan Watts

The GoPro is an amazing story on its own, but before I post about that 😉 Alan Watts is a philosopher that I have enjoyed listening too (Audiobooks while driving works for me). I hope you enjoy this “Dream of

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Elon Musk on 60 Minutes

I learned about Elon Musk when I heard about Tesla electric car, opposed to when he made his millions selling PayPal. This is just a short 15 minute summary. There is also a longer interview floating round YouTube which I

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Motivational Story

A short documentary on the early life and success philosophy of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Live Your Life as a Hero

Some great quotes in this video, if any of it resonates with you, I recommend looking into some of the people quoted. I have read some of the books and listened to their shows and interviews. Find the list of

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Monday Making Memories

For the last two years I have been very committed and focused on business and some great memories have been created. But it is time for reflection and re-prioritization as the past two years went fast and my focus was

Be The Hero of Your Own Movie