Consider Your Social Interactions

This video is a spoken word style rap/song. Price Ea raises some questions about how we are interacting with the world with our Internet connected lives.

I’m not a big user of online social networks. I do prefer to spend time with people face-to-face. Maybe because I have and do spend so much time with devices and the Internet.

How Bad Do You Want It – Part2

ET (Eric Thomas) The Hip Hop Preacher is a motivational speaker and lectures at conventions and high schools or colleges.

This is a follow up to last week’s Part1. Eric drives home the story, take action, live it!

Eric also has a YouTube channel and does a series that he calls T.G.I.M. (Thank God It’s Monday). It is a motivational series of videos.

How Bad Do You Want It – Part1

ET (Eric Thomas) The Hip Hop Preacher is a motivational speaker and lectures at conventions and high schools or colleges.

This is a great story, but watch for part 2 next week as he follows up to make sure you really heard the story.

Will Smith on Greatness

A compilation of words of wisdom and motivation from Will Smith. His experiences and mind set have shaped and helped him become who he is today.

One great clip at the end is from the movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness“, which is an inspirational and moving film.

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Great How to be Happy Guide

You can read similar messages many times, and you feel you understand what they are saying, but you do not always find they resonate with you to the point of inspiring change in the way you live.

And then one day you read a persons view that inspires you to take action. Or perhaps life circumstances just happen to be right on day you read that same old message.

Today I will begin putting more conscious action into these steps.
7. Stop checking email in the morning.
6. Don’t compare your place in life to others.
5. Be grateful.
4. Go outside.
3. Give to someone else.
2. Write your thoughts down.
1. Give to yourself.

For anyone who reads the list and feels it gives the wrong message, please consider, that for people who are searching for or following a passion or trying to build something against the social norms one might live in, it may have a very inspiring effect. A step in this list was dragging me down. It was what I need to action to help me achieve more.

Medium is a great resource and also has a mobile app that is worth using.

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Learning in a Networked Society

Following on from my last post about a networked society, this is an interesting view on the future of education. It is all very exciting, but one area I wonder about is the outsourcing of our minds. How will that play out in the future.

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The Networked Society, On the Brink

This is an interesting mini-doco that talks to a number of people who are at the front in our networked society and their ideas on where it is going. Personally, we are living in the future, and it blows my mind, in a number of ways, for things that have happened and have not.

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Positive Music by JBrown & The Mic Smith – Like This

I enjoy listening to good beats that are uplifting, happy, positive, chilled. Finding music with a positive or motivational message as well is a bonus. Here is a fun music video by a New Zealand group to get your weekend started.

GoPro Founder Nicholas Woodman & Story

This interview with Nicholas is a great snapshot of where GoPro has come from, what drives them and their market position. I love what GoPro offers in terms of capturing your life, and you can see a number of my personal videos on my YouTube Channel (Unfortunately made on other cameras before HD was easily affordable). I hope this inspires you!

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GoPro & Alan Watts

The GoPro is an amazing story on its own, but before I post about that 😉 Alan Watts is a philosopher that I have enjoyed listening too (Audiobooks while driving works for me). I hope you enjoy this “Dream of Life” extract along with the amazing video.

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