My one sentence summary; fundamental life observations.

The main thing I took from the book;  Let go.  Commonly known as “Go with the flow, man“.   There is no “right” and “wrong“.  To know “dark“, you must know “light“.

And, I have found this book and content can also be polarising for people.  I take that as a sign that I’m onto a good thing.

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, or “The Book of the Way.

I may have first picked this book up around 2010, and still listen to it on occasion.  I consumed several translations, and only one resonated for me.

I really wanted the exact translation at first, but over time, listening to the deeper meanings, I realised, the different translations were the way.

Over the years, people I follow spoke of Stoicism, and Elon Musk references something called “First Principal Thinking“.  These all fall back to life basics and philosophy to build upon.  The principles have helped provide perspective.

Asking, why am I feeling emotion ‘X’ eg, angry, annoyed, sad, disappointed, and applying philosophy, has helped to turn events into learning experiences.

I recommend listening to the book multiple times, start at random spots, and if you are self-aware, if it triggers you, ask yourself why.



The full book read by Wayne Dyer

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