This book provides a great framework to create a brand marketing message.

A message that is clear and consistent.

I read it to apply to brands that I work with, but I see I need to apply it to my own life story and personal branding.

There is a lot of valuable information in the book, and I’m working through it while listening and taking notes. It’s like having a personal story narrator, this is why I love audiobooks 😛

A large part of the strategy is using the “Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell to tell your story. (Highly recommend having a quick look at this concept if you don’t know it)

You then develop the following relationship;

  • You / Brand = The Guide / Yoda
  • Them / Customer = Hero / Luke Skywalker

Then applying a complex simplicity to communicate the story quickly in modern times.
For Example, The Grunt Test

  • What do you offer? (What does the Hero want?)
  • How will it make my life better? (What is opposing the Hero’s want?)
  • What do I need to do to buy it? (What will the Hero’s life look like if they do or don’t get what they want?)

Let’s say you sell hamburgers. Would the customer say,

Me hungry. Burger looks tasty. Great price.

Basically hitting the primal processing of the human.

You would deliver it with;

  • Emotive words
  • High quality images
  • Effective font’s and placement

You have fulfilled 3 potentially complex needs, if you have your BrandStory framework down.

I’m now looking at websites and advertising with more depth, about who it is targeting, and if they are on track with solving their Hero’s pain point.

Long story short; Valuable book for developing what you, your business, your brand represents, in a clear and consistent way.  Not just for marketing, but also useful inside a team, group of people, company culture.


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